KISS my Nails!




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A couple weeks ago I attended my sisterfriend’s 30th Birthday Party and I had no time to get my nails done. So, I ran to Dollar Tree and purchased these Kiss Nail Dress or what I like to call them nail stickers. Although, these aren’t the original ones I purchased since I wasn’t too sure how they would hold up but to my surprise they actually surpassed my expectations of them. They do have a lot of different styles, the ones I bought initially could be used with a gel top coat to make them last up to 2 weeks. Which I am sure the same can be done with these too. Since I do own a Kiss LED Lamp, I applied my gel top coat and put them underneath the lamp until cured. I actually just took the first ones off about a week ago and went out and bought the ones pictured because they lasted so long and I had gotten a lot of compliments on them. These I didn’t put a top coat on and they are still holding on and I’ve been working out, washing dishes as well as other things and they still look good.

They are very easy to apply and takes no time to do. I think I may have found my alternative to my Gel mani since it cuts back on sooo much time and money.

Have you tried these out yet? If so, let me know what you think below….




Rah B’s Tips on How to Slay on a Budget

Rah B's slay on a budget tips (1)

Just a few tips on how you can still slay while on a budget. I find that a lot of people do not check online for coupons before shopping.. BIG NO, NO!!!… Please do yourself a favor and pull out your phone before heading out or even while you are in the store before heading to the register… On top of the coupons some stores have it where you can sign up for e-mail and get an additional percentage off and you can combine both the online coupon and when you sign up.

I know clearance can be annoying to look through but you will find some really good items hidden on that crazy looking rack. Just take the time and look through it.

The first pic (which I did a blog post on yesterday) was $20.00… All dresses in store was $20 that day and what makes it even better is that I can mix and match that outfit (I can wear the floral dress alone, I can wear jeans and top with the Tulle Overlay Dress.. just to give you an idea). I love buying pieces where I can switch up the look. The floral two-piece set you see was also $20 (shout out to clearance) and as you can see you can do a few looks with that set. For example, the skirt can double as a cover up for a bathing suit, you can pair it with a crop top or bodysuit… Fashion is all about having fun and trying crazy things. Just be creative while adding a little bit of YOU into it.



What Am I Going to Wear To This Party?!

img_4870I received sooo many compliments on this outfit the night I wore it out to my sister-friend’s 30th birthday… I knew this day was coming for about a month and yet I still hadn’t found anything to wear for that night. I mean I am usually pretty good with knowing what I want to wear in my head and then attempting to go out and find it in the store. Sometimes I get lucky other times I have to change my vision on the outfit in my head.

But I just couldn’t seem to find anything I liked when I went out shopping… Sometimes I really wish I knew how to sew because it’ll be so much easier to get these ideas of an outfit out of my head. Anywhoo, I decided to go to H&M because for weeks I kept seeing this shirt I wanted to buy in the window… I wanted it until I walked in and it was $50.00… I turned around with the quickness… It suddenly wasn’t all that cute anymore, lol…

So, as I am looking around in Charlotte Russe I came across this cute little number…Did I mention I literally found this the NIGHT before?… The funny thing is I knew God wanted me to have it because it was an online return, a size Medium and also $20.00… I see you God, good looking out, lol… YUP!!! Got this two piece for $20.00… Who doesn’t love a good bargain! What I love is I can do a few different looks to this outfit (stay tuned for that)… Of course I had to add my own little touch to it I had paired it with a faux suede corset belt…

Shop This Look:

Dress- Tulle Overlay Midi Dress

Belt- Faux Suede Corset Belt


Pink Pearl Naturals Product Review….


I’ve been sooo busy these last couple months between birthday parties, photo shoots, fashion shows and work so I haven’t had time to blog but the hiatus is now OVER! Did you miss me?

I met with this beautiful woman about a month ago at a function and we got to chatting as us girls do and she gave me some of her amazing products to do a review on. So here’s the scoop!

As pictured below you will see: Rose Water, Lip Slushie and Mango Body Oil and I have to say I LOVE each product… What I like about her Rose Water is that she uses actual rose petals in the bottles and it smells amazing!!! I spray this on my face throughout the day and I have to say it’s very refreshing. As we all know I love wearing my Ruby Woo by MAC which is Matte and dries out my lips so I scrub my lips with this after I take it off and it brings my dry lips back to life because Lord knows these things be dry as the desert sand after taking that lipstick off, lol. Did I mention all of her products are all NATURAL?!?! So, you can either wipe the Lip Slushie off or just lick your lips. Lastly, the Mango Body Oil can be used right after a nice hot shower (I don’t know about anyone else but I like my showers HOT) and it makes my skin feel nice and soft and gives me that extra glow (I mean I glow without it but with it my glow is on 1000, lol)…

But I love her line and think you will too. Head on over to her site Pink Pearl Naturals and get yours today!!! You can also follower at @pink_pearl_naturals on IG.




When the Spring/Summer Collection Hit the Stores…

I guess I should dedicate this entire post to Charlotte Russe, lol. No shade H&M.

I got a little carried away when shopping this past weekend. I’m so over this cold weather so seeing sooo many nice spring/ summer dresses out made me happy.

I love the fit of this dress, it’s very comfortable and lightweight. This dress can be worn to work with a blazer or a night out with the girls. I love when there are endless possibilities to one outfit, lol. When I go shopping I am usually looking for pieces that I can wear multiple ways.

Outfit Deets:

Hat- H&M

Sunnies- Charlotte Russe ($6.00)

Denim Jacket– Charlotte Russe ($20.00)

Midi Dress- Charlotte Russe ($20.00)

Booties– Charlotte Russe ($9.99- clearance items save lives, lol)

Sweet Memories Are Made of These Jar…

I wanted to try something different this year. My BFF and I mentioned last year how we wanted to make a “Memory Jar” starting for the New Year.

The purpose of the jar is to write down good things that happens to you on little pieces of paper:

I wanted to try something different this year. My BFF and I mentioned last year how we wanted to make a “Memory Jar” for the New Year.

The purpose of the jar is to write down good things that happen to you on little pieces of paper:

  • accomplished goals
  • “LOL” moments
  • memories
  • daily blessings… etc.

Then, on December 31st, open the jar and read all the good things that’s happened to you during the course of the year.

Supplies that I used:

Jar- laying around the house

Stickers- Dollar Tree

Adhesive Gems- Michaels for $1.56

Gold Paint- Laying around the house

Show us your Memory Jar

Please comment and share.

Oh Faux-Real?

Now that the Holidays are over and done with back to business!!!

This was my Christmas Eve outfit I decided to wear for our Annual Christmas Eve family gathering at my house this year. Of course I had to be cute for the pictures, lol.

Outfit Deets:

Removable Faux Fur Collar- Windsor ($20.00)

Fishnet Tights- Windsor ($5.00)

Plaid Jacket- H&M (on clearance for $15.00)

Jeans- Marshalls (which I cut up and bleached)

Booties- Target


Slay All Day Ootd

Outfit Deets:

Hat- H&M

Faux Fur Jacket- Rue 21 (I got this last year and it was on clearance for $15.00)

Plaid Shirt- Marshalls (oldie)

Slay All Day Hoody- Charlotte Russe (On sale for $15.00 but I used my 20% off coupon and got it for $12.00)

Jeans- Charlotte Russe (On Sale for $20.00 but with my coupon it came to $16.00)

Booties- Target (They had a sale going on 50% off all shoes/boots so I got these babies for $22.00)

Clutch- Marshalls (oldie)

My Fashion Find for Less!

If you truly know me then you know that Marshalls is another one of favorite stores next to Charlotte Russe and H&M & if you don’t know, now you know!! (Biggie voice), lol.

Anywho, while shopping in Marshalls I came across these Levi’s flared high waist jeans and it was like love at first sight… what made me fall deeper in love with them was that they were only $10.00!!! 

Outfit Deets:


Jeans- Marshalls

Shoes- Target

MUA- @tiffanirainsmua

Photographer- @farrahmauricephotography