Pink Pearl Naturals Product Review….


I’ve been sooo busy these last couple months between birthday parties, photo shoots, fashion shows and work so I haven’t had time to blog but the hiatus is now OVER! Did you miss me?

I met with this beautiful woman about a month ago at a function and we got to chatting as us girls do and she gave me some of her amazing products to do a review on. So here’s the scoop!

As pictured below you will see: Rose Water, Lip Slushie and Mango Body Oil and I have to say I LOVE each product… What I like about her Rose Water is that she uses actual rose petals in the bottles and it smells amazing!!! I spray this on my face throughout the day and I have to say it’s very refreshing. As we all know I love wearing my Ruby Woo by MAC which is Matte and dries out my lips so I scrub my lips with this after I take it off and it brings my dry lips back to life because Lord knows these things be dry as the desert sand after taking that lipstick off, lol. Did I mention all of her products are all NATURAL?!?! So, you can either wipe the Lip Slushie off or just lick your lips. Lastly, the Mango Body Oil can be used right after a nice hot shower (I don’t know about anyone else but I like my showers HOT) and it makes my skin feel nice and soft and gives me that extra glow (I mean I glow without it but with it my glow is on 1000, lol)…

But I love her line and think you will too. Head on over to her site Pink Pearl Naturals and get yours today!!! You can also follower at @pink_pearl_naturals on IG.





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