Rah B’s Tips on How to Slay on a Budget

Rah B's slay on a budget tips (1)

Just a few tips on how you can still slay while on a budget. I find that a lot of people do not check online for coupons before shopping.. BIG NO, NO!!!… Please do yourself a favor and pull out your phone before heading out or even while you are in the store before heading to the register… On top of the coupons some stores have it where you can sign up for e-mail and get an additional percentage off and you can combine both the online coupon and when you sign up.

I know clearance can be annoying to look through but you will find some really good items hidden on that crazy looking rack. Just take the time and look through it.

The first pic (which I did a blog post on yesterday) was $20.00… All dresses in store was $20 that day and what makes it even better is that I can mix and match that outfit (I can wear the floral dress alone, I can wear jeans and top with the Tulle Overlay Dress.. just to give you an idea). I love buying pieces where I can switch up the look. The floral two-piece set you see was also $20 (shout out to clearance) and as you can see you can do a few looks with that set. For example, the skirt can double as a cover up for a bathing suit, you can pair it with a crop top or bodysuit… Fashion is all about having fun and trying crazy things. Just be creative while adding a little bit of YOU into it.




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