KISS my Nails!




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A couple weeks ago I attended my sisterfriend’s 30th Birthday Party and I had no time to get my nails done. So, I ran to Dollar Tree and purchased these Kiss Nail Dress or what I like to call them nail stickers. Although, these aren’t the original ones I purchased since I wasn’t too sure how they would hold up but to my surprise they actually surpassed my expectations of them. They do have a lot of different styles, the ones I bought initially could be used with a gel top coat to make them last up to 2 weeks. Which I am sure the same can be done with these too. Since I do own a Kiss LED Lamp, I applied my gel top coat and put them underneath the lamp until cured. I actually just took the first ones off about a week ago and went out and bought the ones pictured because they lasted so long and I had gotten a lot of compliments on them. These I didn’t put a top coat on and they are still holding on and I’ve been working out, washing dishes as well as other things and they still look good.

They are very easy to apply and takes no time to do. I think I may have found my alternative to my Gel mani since it cuts back on sooo much time and money.

Have you tried these out yet? If so, let me know what you think below….




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