What’s a Home Office without a Computer?! 

After completing my home office some months ago my laptop gave out on me. So it prompted me to go computer shopping. As I was browsing on Staples.com I came across this lovely all in one desktop computer.

What I loved more than the color was that it was wifi compatible so no need for all the cords and tower that comes with traditional desktops.

Here’s a pic of my HP Desktop!


Hello there…

How cute is this jewelry holder from Target and it’s only $8.99.

Spruce up your room or even dorm with this cute little jewelry holder.

Diva Deal Alert!!!

I wanted to revamp my home office and decided to take a trip to Home Goods (like how could you NOT love that place) in search for a desk.

As we entered the store we saw this desk. Me being me, I had to examine the desk first to make sure it was in good condition (okay, actually it was to see if I could get a discount) so low and behold, what did my eyes reveal??? A few dents and scratches… Hello Mr. Manager!!! After showing him, he advised me that he would give me 10% off 😏.

I get to the register to check out and instead of the 10% off  he had given me 20% off instead 😳. This is the part where you ask no questions, pay and run to the car (with your merchandise of course).

So, I paid $80.00 for this beauty.

Stay tuned to see the before and after of my office.

Journal Writing!!!

Journal writing is so therapeutic. It’s a place where you can share your private thoughts and/or goals or maybe even both. It’s something you can reflect on later on down the line to see how far you’ve come as a person and even a writer.

I purchased this fashionably cute journal from Micheals for just $6.99.

Vision Board!!!

img_3726Set some short and long term goals for yourself, then get some old magazines, glue, scissors and a board of course and get to work! It’s better when you can see your goals on a paper in this case on a board. Be sure to put your board where you are forced to look at it daily so it will give you drive you need to tackle each one head one.

You can also make this a fun project and gather a few family members or friends and turn it into a Vision Board Party with some wine and refreshments.

What are some of your short and long term goals? What steps have you taken to achieve them? Comment below and share with us.