What Am I Going to Wear To This Party?!

img_4870I received sooo many compliments on this outfit the night I wore it out to my sister-friend’s 30th birthday… I knew this day was coming for about a month and yet I still hadn’t found anything to wear for that night. I mean I am usually pretty good with knowing what I want to wear in my head and then attempting to go out and find it in the store. Sometimes I get lucky other times I have to change my vision on the outfit in my head.

But I just couldn’t seem to find anything I liked when I went out shopping… Sometimes I really wish I knew how to sew because it’ll be so much easier to get these ideas of an outfit out of my head. Anywhoo, I decided to go to H&M because for weeks I kept seeing this shirt I wanted to buy in the window… I wanted it until I walked in and it was $50.00… I turned around with the quickness… It suddenly wasn’t all that cute anymore, lol…

So, as I am looking around in Charlotte Russe I came across this cute little number…Did I mention I literally found this the NIGHT before?… The funny thing is I knew God wanted me to have it because it was an online return, a size Medium and also $20.00… I see you God, good looking out, lol… YUP!!! Got this two piece for $20.00… Who doesn’t love a good bargain! What I love is I can do a few different looks to this outfit (stay tuned for that)… Of course I had to add my own little touch to it I had paired it with a faux suede corset belt…

Shop This Look:

Dress- Tulle Overlay Midi Dress

Belt- Faux Suede Corset Belt



When the Spring/Summer Collection Hit the Stores…

I guess I should dedicate this entire post to Charlotte Russe, lol. No shade H&M.

I got a little carried away when shopping this past weekend. I’m so over this cold weather so seeing sooo many nice spring/ summer dresses out made me happy.

I love the fit of this dress, it’s very comfortable and lightweight. This dress can be worn to work with a blazer or a night out with the girls. I love when there are endless possibilities to one outfit, lol. When I go shopping I am usually looking for pieces that I can wear multiple ways.

Outfit Deets:

Hat- H&M

Sunnies- Charlotte Russe ($6.00)

Denim Jacket– Charlotte Russe ($20.00)

Midi Dress- Charlotte Russe ($20.00)

Booties– Charlotte Russe ($9.99- clearance items save lives, lol)

Oh Faux-Real?

Now that the Holidays are over and done with back to business!!!

This was my Christmas Eve outfit I decided to wear for our Annual Christmas Eve family gathering at my house this year. Of course I had to be cute for the pictures, lol.

Outfit Deets:

Removable Faux Fur Collar- Windsor ($20.00)

Fishnet Tights- Windsor ($5.00)

Plaid Jacket- H&M (on clearance for $15.00)

Jeans- Marshalls (which I cut up and bleached)

Booties- Target


Slay All Day Ootd

Outfit Deets:

Hat- H&M

Faux Fur Jacket- Rue 21 (I got this last year and it was on clearance for $15.00)

Plaid Shirt- Marshalls (oldie)

Slay All Day Hoody- Charlotte Russe (On sale for $15.00 but I used my 20% off coupon and got it for $12.00)

Jeans- Charlotte Russe (On Sale for $20.00 but with my coupon it came to $16.00)

Booties- Target (They had a sale going on 50% off all shoes/boots so I got these babies for $22.00)

Clutch- Marshalls (oldie)

My Fashion Find for Less!

If you truly know me then you know that Marshalls is another one of favorite stores next to Charlotte Russe and H&M & if you don’t know, now you know!! (Biggie voice), lol.

Anywho, while shopping in Marshalls I came across these Levi’s flared high waist jeans and it was like love at first sight… what made me fall deeper in love with them was that they were only $10.00!!! 

Outfit Deets:

Top: Urbanog.com

Jeans- Marshalls

Shoes- Target

MUA- @tiffanirainsmua

Photographer- @farrahmauricephotography

Let’s go on a date 

You ever get that text from bae saying “get dressed, I’m taking you on a date”?

I decided on this little number for my perfect date night outfit.

Ohhhh… and did I mention inexpensive!?! This lovely dress was purchased from H&M for a whopping $12.99!!!!

You gotta love a girl who is money conscious and cleans up beautifully…

Outfit Deets:

Dress- H&M

Jacket- Kara Boutique

Choker- the same denim choker as seen in previous posts made by me but I paired it with a choker from Charlotte Russe

Shoes- Windsor

Clutch- H&M

Photo by: @farrahmauricephotography

MUA- @tiffanirainsmua


Photo by: @farrahmauricephotography

MUA- @tiffanirainsmua

When that Hot Line Bling…

When you go away for a quick weekend getaway and stumble across a mini fair in October with a FUNNEL CAKE stand!!! Talk about winning!!!! Lol

 Oh and of course an opportunity to snap a quick flick.

Outfit Deets:

Hat- H&M

Jacket- Rue 21

Shirt- Marshalls

Plaid Shirt- Marshalls

Jeans- Target

Sneakers- Converse, duh!